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I live!

Whew. This week was so... painfully excitingly not interesting. If that makes sense. XD

I'm going to say hi. HI.

And then I'm going to tell you my school schedule. Because I'm excited. And because I can...

1* - Algebra 3-4 (this sucks. I can't do math in the morning! EVIL!)
2* - Theater
3* - Biology 1-2
4* - English 1-2
5* - French 1-2 (I don't speak a word of French at the moment... this class will be interesting)
6* - Journalism 1-2 (YAY! I GOT IN! *worships counselor of DOOM*)

Ahem. Yes. Now that I have bored you all to death and made you fear for my sanity, I shall bid thee farewell. And order you to talk to me. And ask you what is up at Alo' lately, for I have not visited, for I am afraid that it will be totally different and that I won't fit it. And is anyone here?

I do hope you visit, and I haven't just made a complete and total fool of myself. XD

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