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*attempts to breathe life into community*

Awaken, minions of Alo'! Live, and let us wreak havoc on the LJ world!

How about everyone just posts a comment about the first thing that pops into their heads? *puppy eyes* Please?
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Whoa, d00d, yay! LATIN!

Je parle français beacoup. Et toi?

Tee hee hee.

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Er. Aci-aci? XD

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Hehe. Yeah. As you can see, Spanish is not my strong point. ;)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... new topic. XD

I like icons! Where do you get yours?

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Okay! Thanks! Yay icons. :)

*goes to user prof.*

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Haha! Good observation skills. *is impressed* And I've decided just to accept it as inevitable. I always feel like a nerd when I'm surrounded by the kids at my school. >.> Ah, well. I'm proud to be one! ^^

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Well, my school is very weird in the fact that its zone includes people whose parents are practically millionaires AND people whose whole family lives in one hotel room. >.> But the basic impression at our school is of kids with realllllly rich parents who wear brand-name clothes from California and go to Italy over summer vacation. xD My position as a nerd puts me in the minority. Heh. What about your school?

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Hehehe. I want to go to Italy too! Most of the kids at my school probably go to California, actually, where their parents have second houses or whatever in Carmel or some resort town. I think most people who live in Reno secretly like California better, they're just too cheap to pay the taxes, so they live in Nevada instead. XD Since we're only about a half hour from the state border, they can drive to CA whenever they want. It just means crossing the OMGHUGE mountains though. <.

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7 states, only? Wow, cool! I think I'm probably missing ten or so. I haven't been to the southeast much. Only to Florida. Hehe.

You shall have to come to Nevada! And while you're at it, you could go to California. We could go to San Francisco and buy SOURDOUGH BREAD! Whee!

Yep, the Sierra Nevada mountains. They're right on the border between CA and NV... although they might go south in Mex., I'm not really sure. :/

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Squee! Yay! W00T!

Yeah, my family took a trip there once a looooong time ago... I can hardly remember anything. Only Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, in which I attempted to sneak into an Employee's-Only door and got caught; also nearly not being able to make it up one of those huuuuuuge hills; and then seeing a dress on sale for $250 and being like OMGWTFSHOCKED. XD

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Yellowstone, w00t! That's almost Nevada! Kind of. XD

Hehe. Misfit. I like that word.

Wow! Yeah! It must be a really nice dress, though. And it sounds like you scored on a nice sale. :)

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There is no humidity in Nevada. That's a plus. XD

Oh no. :( Sorry. But I bet it's pretty anyway, because I said so. Bwahaha.

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Yeah! That's why when people complain about it being hot here in the summer (like end nineties and beginning hundreds) I always laugh at them. If they're hot HERE, they'd melt on the spot on the east coast when it gets humid. Heh.

Fine! I will imagine you tall and ravishingly beautiful! :) Even though I'm sure you already are.

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