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Unlock the Wizarding World

Alohomoraville: Unlock the Wizarding World
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This community was created soley for the RP-ers at Alohomora. You can visit Alohomora at ((Alohomora)). You are eligible for membership if and only if you are a member of Alohomora.

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The purpose:
- Alohomorians of all ages can talk about anything, whether its alohomora related, harry potter-esque or not
- Alohomorians can post graphics, stories, or links to sites. ((If you post a graphic that's not your own, post a link to the maker's site, or specifically name the artist or where you found it))
- Be fun, Be original, be you. The Alohomorians we love.
- Alohomorian's can also start short RP's if they wish.

Each post will be a conversation of its own and you can reply by clicking on the 'Try a key'. Do not post a reply as an entire LJ-post.

Please use decent spelling and grammer **Especially** if you are going to be puting a story or something up.

If you put a story up please put it behind a lj-cut or link to it from your own journal and post the following information.
A Summary is optional.

** This is required because if you post material of a mature nature put it behind a cut most definately, some Alohomorian's do not want to read it! **

If you post pictures of a mature nature, please again, put it behind a cut and make sure you note that it has nudity or other adult themes.

Plugging IS allowed, but don't plug it more than once. We'll see the post, we'll click the link. If we like it we'll search around, if we don't we won't. Spam won't be tolerated.

This community is maintained by luvpinsanity and borntoberandom.